8 Prophecies Combined

Total population ≤100 billion (1011)

Combined probabilities:

1028/1011 = 1017

A “bucket” of 1017 silver dollars would fill the entire state of Texas to a depth of two feet!

16 Prophecies Combined

Remember, there are over 300 to choose from; the next 8 would be more specific (each less likely than the pre­vious). Assuming no decrease in likelihoods:

1028 x 1028 = 1056

1056/1011 = 1045

How big of a “bucket” do we need now? A ball of silver dollars with a radius that is 30 times the distance be­tween the earth and the sun!


48 Prophecies Combined

Over 300 to choose from; assuming no decrease in likelihoods:

1028 x 1028 x 1028 x 1028 x 1028 x 1028 = 10168

Combined probabilities: 10168/1011 = 10157

Silver dollars won’t work this one…

Make a “ball” of every atom in the universe: 1066Make one for each atom of the universe:

1066 x 1066 10132

Repeat this exercise every second since the universe began:

10132 x 1017 = 10149

10149 vs. 10157 ? …we are still short by 108: 100,000,000 times… and we’ve dealt with only 48 of over 300 prophecies!

Impossibility of “Chance”

Only 1018 seconds in the history of the universe

Only 1066 atoms in our entire galaxy

Only 1080 particles in our entire galaxy

Probabilities <10-50 defines absurd

Specificity ~10-650 far beyond “chance”

Equivalent to winning the lottery…every day for 90 days in a row!


Chuck Missler Beyond Coincidence

Peter Stoner, Science Speaks

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